Business Meeting September 2006

Louisville, KY

The K.A.C.T.F.O. Business Meeting was called to order by President, Carolyn Ritchie on September 15, 2006 at the Galt House in Louisville, KY. in conjunction with the Governor’s Local Issues Conference. Board Members present were:

Carolyn Ritchie
Kathy Dryden
Mary Lynn
Paula Webb
Lisa Buerkley
Kathy Dillow
Peggy Heflin
Kim Muse
Peggy Guinn

Kathy Dryden, Secretary, read the minutes. Peggy Heflin moved to approve the minutes. Martha Richardson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Carolyn discussed the upcoming KACTFO Conference. It will be held at the Galt House in Louisville, Ky. February 26-28, 2007. More information will be mailed out soon.

Lisa Buerkley gave the report from the Scholarship Committee. McLean County was the recipient of the scholarship. The winner was Hannah Davis. She plans to attend Madisonville College or Eastern and major in Nursing.

Martha Richardson made a motion to pay for expenses associated with today’s business meeting. Betty King seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mary Lynn requested a motion to pay the bill for our website in the amount of $119.88 and all bills associated with the KACo meeting and Spring Conference. Betty King made motion. Peggy Heflin gave the second. Motion carried.

The Governor’s Office for Local Development presented a program of current issues. Topics: Gold will be visiting each county at least once a year. The schedule for the "Newly Elected Officials" workshops was handed out along with the schedule for the County Budget workshops. Robert Brown will be taking care of the official’s salaries. The certification for officials will be sent out in December. The officials, themselves, must fill these out. Scott Sharp stated that officials could still get training in late December as long as they are in office during the training and they get their hours in by the end of the month. He also stated that the training documents are subject to open records, mistakes can be corrected. If an official was paid incorrectly the money must be refunded. Matt Fraulich discussed the 65%-35% rule. There is a calculation sheet on GOLD’s website. There are exemptions on some grants. Reserves do count. He also presented the Multi-Year Jail Fund Receipts and Disbursements Comparison.

Peggy Heflin gave the group Kent Sparrow’s name and number, as someone to contact when you receive an electronic deposit into the wrong fund or have questions regarding a deposit. His number is 502-564-7758 ext. 2118.

The group discussed the training sessions available through Kentucky State University. They felt this was a very good program and would like to include them as speakers at the upcoming conference.

Peggy Helfin made a motion to adjourn. Paula Quinn seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted
Kathy Dryden

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