Executive Board Meeting March 2013

President Kathy Dillow called the Executive Board meeting of the Kentucky Association of county Treasurer’s and Finance Officers to order on March 22, 2013.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Tammy Robertson. Balance of the banking account at the end of February 29, 2013 was $52,232.56. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report by Joan Isaacs, seconded by Mary Conley to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion Carries.

Paula Guinn made a motion to approve all bills that are associated with the conference and any bills that may incurred before Local Issues, second by Glenda Harper. Motion carries.

Secretary Susan Bailey presented the minutes from the November 28, 2012 board meeting. Tammy Robertson made the motion to approve the minutes and Mary Conley second. Motion carries.

Old Business

Kevin Kifer of K2 Technologies gave an update on the website. The contract was up on the website also and a motion by Mary Conley, 2nd by Melissa Baker to have the contract renewed and fees due paid. Motion carries.

Mary Conley gave an update on the treasurer training committee. Ann Melton of Ohio County’s term was up and Carol Vinson of Greenup County was appointed to take Anne’s place on the committee to expire April 2018. Kim Muse made the motion and Becky Wilson 2nd. Motion carries.

The treasurer training committee requests that KACTFO’s by-laws language be clearer as it relates to committee members, representation, terms and duties. In addition, all training opportunities to be put on KACTFO’s website along with dates and agendas with a link to DLG’s website to get their hours completed. Kathy Dillow made the motion and Lissa Gibson 2nd. Motion carries.

A Scholarship for an association member child or grandchild was discussed. Mary Conley made a motion to table the discussion until it could be discussed by the scholarship committee, Joan Isaacs 2nd. Motion carries.

The Scholarship was won this year by Lissa Gibson of Union County.

New Business

Mary Conley made a motion to donate $1000 to the Boys and Girl Ranch on behave of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office to say thank you to Deputy Jason Hill of the Lewis County Sheriff Department for his presentation at the conference, Kim Muse 2nd. Motion carries.

The Treasurer Training Committee asks the board to receive a quote from K2 Technologies on the cost of adding the committee’s tab to the website. Sue Gardner made the motion, Melissa Baker 2nd motion carries.

Nomination Committee presented the Slate of Officers as follows:

Melissa Baker (Hancock County) – President
Gale Cowan (Adair County) – 1st Vice President
Tammy Robertson (Todd County) – 2nd Vice President
Susan Bailey (Carlisle County) – Secretary
Becky Carroll (Henderson County) – Treasurer
Joan Isaacs (Pulaski County) – Director
Glenda Harper (Caldwell County) – Director

Slate of Office members were sworn in by Judge/Executive Todd Ruckel of Lewis County.

Kathy Dillow graciously turned the gavel over to the new President, Melissa Baker.

Motion to close the meeting was made by Lissa Gibson and 2nd by Gale Cowan. Melissa Baker closed the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Bailey, Secretary

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