Executive Board Meeting May 2012

President Kathy Dillow called the Executive Board meeting of the Kentucky Association of county Treasurer's and Finance Officers to order on May 18, 2012.

The Treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer Tammy Robertson. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer's report by Carolyn Ritchie, seconded by Paula Guinn to approve the Treasurer's report. Motion Carries.

Paula Guinn made a motion to approve all bills that are associated with the conference, second by Paula Day. Motion carries.

Secretary Gale Cowan presented the minute from the August 17, 2011 board meeting. Melissa Baker made the motion to approve the minutes and Melma Patrick second. Motion carries.

Old Business:

Nomination Committee presented the Slate of Officers as follows:

  • Kathy Dillow (Lewis County) – President
  • Melissa Baker (Hancock County) – 1st Vice President
  • Gale Cowan (Adair County) – 2nd Vice President
  • Tammy Robertson (Todd County) – Treasurer
  • Susan Bailey (Carlisle County) – Secretary
  • Becky Carroll (Henderson County) – Director
  • Candida Lewis (Harrison County) – Director
  • Becky Wilson (Woodford County) – Past President

Slate of Office members were sworn in by Judge/Executive John Coyle.

Mary Lynn Conley also update on the Treasurer's training. The committee has agreed to let the training hours roll over to the next year.

New Business

Kevin Kifer of K-2 Technologies gave an update on the new website and encouraged everyone to check it out. He stated he would like to see the directors on the board would also help him keep the information updated.

The Scholarship drawing winner was Marshall County.

Motion to close meeting was made by Vicki King, second by Carolyn Richie. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Bailey, Secretary