Scholarship Program

Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who is a resident of the county of the recipient of the award. One $1,000.00 scholarship would be awarded on an annual basis for this program on a semester basis of $500.00 per semester. The applicant must be planning to attend a college/university or two-year tcchnical college in the fall. The scholarship will be revoked for the second scmester if the student has not earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of the first semester.
Applicant is required to complete an essay on his/her aspirations and goals. Two letters of recommendation are required: one from a teacher or educator, and one from a nonrelated person attesting to the applicant's character and commitment.
A news release would be placed in the local paper(s) and notices an applications will be mailed to the appropriate school superintendent(s); high school principal(s); and high school guidance counselor(s).
The following timeline is for the school year following the KACTFO spring meeting ...
April 15: Press release sent to local paper(s); notices and applications mailed.
May 16: Deadline for receiving scholarship applications (must bc postmarked no later than May 16).
June 1: KACTFO Scholarship Committee meets and selects recipient.
Scholarship recipient would be selected by a KACTFO Scholarship Selection Committee. This committee would consist of three members appointed by the KACTFO President.
There would be no personal interview of applicants. The awarding of the scholarship would be based on the accuracy and completeness of the application; the essay; may consider need as it relates to the receipt of other scholarship awards; grades; and community involvement.
The Scholarship Selection Committee would use a ranking system based on the number of applicants received; i.e., if there were 15 applications, the following sections would be ranked from 1 to 15. The application areas ranked individually shall include:
1.) High School Principal/Counselor Statement.
2.) Applicant's Academic Scholarship section.
3.) Applicant's Community Service section.
4.) Applicant's Letters of Recommendation.
5.) Applicant's Essay.
After the committee members have independently ranked and calculated the average of each application, discussions would follow. The selection would be made by a quorum of the selection committee present and voting. The committee will also designate a 2nd and 3rd choice in the event the 1st choice is unable to accept or is otherwise disqualified.
The Spring Meeting Award Recipient and KACTFO President would be notified of the Scholarship Selection Committee's choice by June I. The Spring Meeting Award Recipient would award the scholarship at a time and place as the Spring Meeting Award Recipient deems appropriate, as long as no cost or expense is incurred to the Association.